Cycling network

Cycling network

From the dunes on the West Coast to Kemmel Hill (Kemmelberg), from the Hoppeland in Poperinge to the Handzamevallei. In this agriculture-dominated area, you can find an abundance of many different types of greenery and untouched nature spots. 

The landscape of The Yser Valley, which runs through the northern part of the Westhoek towards the sea, exudes unspoiled natural beauty in a green environment. When you follow Dixmude (Diksmuide) upstream, you can continue through St-Jacobskapelle and again along the Yser or through the Old Sea Dike (Oude Zeedijk) to the Knokke Bridge (Knokkebrug). Here, you have the option to turn to the left where you will discover the verdant banks of the Yperlee Canal (Ieperleekanaal) towards the Driegrachtenbrug. 

Ypres is a pleasant town with an air of old world, however all the ancient building are a sham, everything has been lovingly restored after the complete destruction caused by four year of warfare. During the First Battle of Ypres (Oct-Nov 1914), the Kaiser ordered his troops that they 'Take Ypres or die', and die they did. All but for a short period in Oct 1914, Ypres remained in allied hands, although at a cost. Through out the war Ypres formed a significant Salient up on the Western Front. 


01 January 2016



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